file000101532435“I have attended Gina’s vinyasa style of yoga classes for more than four years and have loved every minute. Through her guidance I have progressed from a chair yoga beginner to a certified yoga instructor. Without her optimism, compassion, and inherent gift for teaching, I would have had difficulty progressing beyond simple beginners poses. Thank you, GINA!!!” – Marlin

“I love Gina and her classes! She is always so upbeat and caring. She challenges her students to the best of their abilities and never makes anyone feel bad because they can’t do something that someone else can. She always offers options and various levels so students can practice at their own comfort level. Those who need a challenge definitely get the challenge. Each class is always a little different than another and that makes them something to look forward to. Any time I have the chance to stop into one of Gina’s classes, I do!” – Linda

file9071336337066“I began practicing yoga 4 years ago in Gina’s Vinyasa Flow class. It was one of the best health decisions I have ever made. At age 56, I have greatly benefited with improved balance, flexibility, and posture as well as increased core and upper body strength and balance. I look forward to continuing my yoga practice with Gina in her new studio!” – Lisa

“I have been an athlete for decades. I am competitive by nature, and am always looking for a challenge. So when Gina invited me to her yoga class, I thought, “hang with some hippy dippy cumbaya-singers and stretch for an hour? No thanks.” Eventually I took a class anyway, and its a good thing I did. Just about every preconceived notion I had about yoga was wrong. It was an incredible workout, the sweat was dripping. Taking yoga increased my flexibility, stabilized my core muscles, and greatly improved my endurance. I have seen the dividends of yoga in my other athletic pursuits, and the change is incredible. Gina is an amazing instructor who teaches to a variety of skills and abilities, and is always ready with modifications to address the needs of everyone in the class. If you’ve been hesitant to try yoga, or are in the market for a new class, take this as a sign. Take yoga with Gina, TODAY!” – Alyssa