About Us

Teaching yoga has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done.

So much that with each person taught, life touched, and friendship made, turning yoga into more than just a job became my goal. I’ve learned that everyone in every career and every physical fitness level can and will benefit from a regular yoga practice, and now The Yoga Quota will help you get there.

Start with once a week and begin to relax and notice muscles you never paid attention to. Make room twice a week and start to notice improvements in core strength and flexibility. Maybe you notice reduced back pain, find it easier to tie your shoes, or simply play with your kids a little longer and sit a little taller. As you come three times a week you’ll enjoy a stronger physical transformation as well as a more subtle but just as noticeable shift in your ability to focus inward and see your life and yourself from a different perspective – more accepting of who you are and ready to take on the day.


This journey wouldn’t be complete for me without also serving the community and offering yoga to even more who may not otherwise try it. That’s why we’re donating yoga throughout the community. Click on Community Outreach to learn more!